Day 121: Goodbye Yellowstone, Hello Idaho

We pushed to wake up early but the best we could do was seven o'clock. We hopped back on trail and headed to Summit Lake to tank up on water for the day. We had a good distance to our next water so we made sure to grab four liters, just in case. The lake looked like a fairly nice place to swim, but as we leaned down to scoop up the water, a three inch long leech waved through the water. So we did what any normal human would do... Critter egged Garbelly to stick his hand in, which he did, followed by her own hand. Nothing. The leech just kept wiggling around through the water. 


The trail was pretty flat as it took us out of Yellowstone National Park and out of the state of Wyoming. We made it to the state of great potatoes! Maybe we could find a great deal on some packs of Idahoan mashed potatoes. We were planning on taking the Mack's Inn alternative so we left the official trail onto an old dirt road and began out long road walk into town. The road was grown up with plants and small trees and giant berms that had been built along the way to close the trail to vehicular traffic. 


We found a really nice spring off of trail and took a filter break that was quickly interrupted by the loud clap and rumble of an approaching storm. Not too long after we started back down trail did it start raining on us. We figured it would pass quickly based on the way the thunder sounded so we curled up on the tyvek with our packs to stay dry. When the rain passed we got up and headed on. We met a group of sisters in a large Suburban who were out looking for wildflowers. We chatted with them for a bit before continuing on down the road to look for a good stealth camping spot. Even though we were still within National Forest land, it is always important to hide away a bit from anyone out during the weekend. We found a nice spot to eat dinner and then found a campsite tucked back into the trees. The zipping of cordage on a limb while hanging a bear bag and the hawing sound of a few sandhill cranes signified the end of our first day in Idaho.


Garbelly & Critter