Day 112: Island Lake and The Titcomb Basin

We were able to get a ride back up to Elkhart with J, a triple crown hiker. She was going up to run the trails and let us tag along for the ride. After we split up from the trailhead, we began our march along the same path we had walked a few days prior. We worked our way towards Photographer's Point, and then split off on another trail towards Seneca Lake. A ton of people were out hiking, fishing, and camping. It is always so good to see so many people get outside, being active, and using the trails.

Surprisingly, we caught up with Liam and Kate who explained to us that now it was Kate's turn to be sick. We even met a new thru-hiker, TI Toe, who does have a titanium toe. We finished lunch while talking to TI Toe and then walked with him towards the CDT. We joined back up with trail but shortly after took the trail headed up to Island Lake and the Titcomb Basin.

We had originally planned on heading up and over the Knapsack Col, but as time passed, we realized that the snow had become very soft and did not feel safe heading over. Garbelly was too curious about the Basin he had heard so much about. There was no way he could pass up seeing it while being so close to it. Critter sat and enjoyed Island Lake as Garbelly ran three miles up to the Titcomb Basin to experience the amazing views. After he returned, we decided to camp not too far staying near the lake. It was too beautiful to leave just yet.


Garbelly & Critter