Day 39-40: Garbelly & Critter's Guide to Santa Fe

Since we started the trail, we have had a side trip to Santa Fe set in our minds. Upon arriving at Ghost Ranch, and with a weekend before us, it was the perfect time to leave trail for a couple days and explore the city. As soon as we arrived within the city limits of Santa Fe, we knew that two days would be no where near enough time to see everything, so we narrowed down our list to the essentials: eat good food, explore a gear shop, and find out what the hell Meow Wolf is. Even though our time in Santa Fe was brief, we had an amazing time, and we cannot wait to visit again.


Here our some of our favorites from our stay:

 Transportation: The Santa Fe Pick Up (Museum Shuttle)

With no car and no intention of walking more than we had to regardless of how walkable and accessible the city is, we quickly discovered Santa Fe's public transportation. The city offers a free, that is right, free, shuttle service to most of the art and history museums around town. We found a pick-up location in the center of town, waited for less than ten minutes, and then we loaded up on a shuttle. So easy and convenient especially when you want to cover a lot of ground in a day.

Coffeeshop: Iconik Coffee & Collective Works



We really enjoyed wandering around downtown, but when the time came to sit down we were desperate for a cozy coffeeshop and cup of coffee. When we stumbled upon Iconik, we not only found a great place to spend a couple of hours but also a bookstore! We perched up at a table by a window with our coffee and breakfast and just relaxed. When we got antsy, we riffled through the book selection, and we even eavesdrop on a meeting about the area's watershed. It was a great atmosphere, quiet, with a feel of our own home coffee shop back in Nashville. Plus the coffee was delicious.


Treat: Root beer at Blue Corn Cafe

It is simple. Blue Corn Cafe has the best Root Beer. Made in house, their Root Beer comes in a frosty mug, has the freshest flavor and a creamy texture. After craving Root Beer for 600 miles, this was definitely a treat.


Saved the Day: Camera Shop

We run a constant risk of not just hurting ourselves but also breaking our gear. Gear breaks that's just what happens. During our stay in Santa Fe, our camera's lens sacrificed itself to this unfortunate reality. Fortunately, just a couple blocks away we stumbled upon a local camera shop where we found just what we needed and were greeted by really friendly staff.


Late Night: Del Charro Saloon

Our first night in Santa Fe led us to the Del Charro Saloon where we had dinner with a group of hikers also spending a couple of days in the city. None of us were too good with being speedy when it comes to making a decision, which left us looking for a restaurant open late. We would recommend the veggies burger and sweet potato fries!


Art Experience: Meow Wolf


We went into Meow Wolf without any clue as to what we were about to experience. All we can say is that this is a MUST SEE if you find yourself in Santa Fe. You will not be disappointed, but allow yourself enough time to experience every bit of it. We sure did find out what Meow Wolf is, or did we?



Local Fly Shop: High Desert Angler


One of our favorite things to do when visiting a new town is find their fly shop. You can learn a lot about a town from their fly shop, especially just by whether or not they have one! As we wandered around Santa Fe, we noticed a sign reading 'High Desert Angler' and suddenly our priorities shifted bumping shower and food down the line. We ran across the street and into the shop, where we were greeted by Ed, a long time employee of the shop. We poked around at the boxes of flies, wading boots and waders, clothing, and fly materials. The selection was wonderful, our conversation with Ed was just what we needed, and the shop itself made us feel like we were back in Cumberland Transit. If you go to Santa Fe to fish, there is no better place to visit than High Desert Angler.


Airbnb: Stone Sculptor's Home


Now, here is our favorite part. Not just were we spoiled with a hot shower, a washer and dryer to clean our clothes, and an incredibly comfy bed, but the house and it's host was amazing as well. There were beautiful views outside and gorgeous art inside. We felt like locals staying at Somers' home. He gave us a tour of his shop, and even let us make dinner for him one evening. We are so thankful for being able to spend two nights and thoroughly enjoyed being able to spend time with Somers during our stay. There is simply no better place to stay while in Santa Fe.



Leaving Santa Fe was really tough. Without a doubt, we will return soon to visit more of the city.


For now, the trail calls.


Cheers to new towns that win over your heart.

Garbelly & Critter