Day 7: Burrow Peak

No worries we didn't drink this water. 

No worries we didn't drink this water. 

Filtering water at a windmill.  

Filtering water at a windmill.  

Surviving the night became more of a nuisance than anything due to not feeling refreshed in the morning, but that did not hold us back. The day had some exciting miles ahead and our day would end at Burrow's Peak, technically our first climb of 2,000 feet. The miles came easy as we wound our way deeper into the hills. We were still walking road at first, but mid-morning we hit trail. Actual trail. Beautiful, actual trail. Our enthusiasm almost had us running. There was shade from pine trees and new flowers and new critters. We were in alpine desert, and it was just what we needed after all that desert walking.



Miles came quicker, quicker than we had planned out, but we figured we would deal with that later. See, planning is important to determine how much food and water to carry and currently we were carrying way too much.


By 4:00pm we had made it to our initial stopping point for the day, but with so much day left we figured we would keep going. We stopped at Burrow's Peak trailhead to find trail magic in the form of water, a Pepsi, fruit, and beer. For the 7 miles of trail leading up to this moment we saw sign after sign saying "magic" with an arrow pointing down hill, but we could not imagine that there would be anything more than water. We even saw signs for beer, but we kept our doubts. Boy, were we wrong! Thank you so much, Kinsley!!! We cannot express how much we appreciated your kindness and magic! It gave us just want we needed to begin the first 2 miles of the climb up Burrow's Peak.


When we hit our 2 mile goal, we found a camp spot under a tree, made dinner and watched the sunset. We actually got in our tents before it was fully down, and then we slept. The wind grew strong through out the night. 


Garbelly & Critter