Day 5: Back to Lordsburg


Finally, we had a good nights sleep. A mixture of good wind cover, a big dinner and pure exhaustion definitely helped out. It was 5:30 AM and we were a little sore, but we were excited for our day. 


Over the past couple of days, a few blisters have appeared on all of our feet, a result of sweaty feet.  The worst of these happened to be on M.E.'s big toe. Once that blister popped yesterday, another one began forming underneath it. (WARNING: Blister photo below). Even with the nagging discomfort, it did not slow us down and we sped towards town and the thoughts of AC and lunch. 


Walking north towards Pyramid Peak, we stepped over bits of petrified wood, volcanic glass and many more prickly plants. The trail led us all over the place- definitely the scenic route as opposed to the direct route. As we circled around Pyramid Peak, we ran into more ranch land marked by barbed wire fences and a water trough tucked in the bend of the hills. We took a dirt road down into a valley. As we passed cows, they stopped eating and looked at one of us then the other then the other then back at the first, unamused and unimpressed. A mule deer came bounding out of the brush and with one giant, graceful leap landed safely on the other side of a barbed fence and up it went into the hills.

We saw cows grazing on the side of the hills surrounding us and rabbit after rabbit. We even ran into a hiker leaving Lordsburg walking to the Crazy Cook.  Down into a valley back up onto a ridge then back down until we could see Lordsburg on the horizon. We kept the town in our sight and took step after step. Before we knew it, the trail led us to a road, a paved road. We looked back at Pyramid Peak in the distance and at town in front of us. 


We were able to check into the Econo Lodge early, so we set our packs down and then headed to lunch. The second half of today would be for rest and recover before starting our way towards Gila National Forest and Silver City. We ran into a lot of other hiker trash either resting like us or just about to start their hike from CC to Lordsburg. 


Mother Hen and her nest at the Econo Lodge was the best start to our hike last week on Thursday and once again on our rest day after making it back to town. She washed our clothes while we showered and napped, and simply made our stay a beautiful slice of trail magic. Thank you so much, Mother Hen, for all that you did for us and all that you do for the thru-hiking community.  

Not sure we were ready for this photo.      Cheers to the trail!    Garbelly and Little Critter  

Not sure we were ready for this photo. 


Cheers to the trail!  

Garbelly and Little Critter