Day 49: Healing in Alamosa

Waking up hurt. We were worn out. Critter still had a headache for the second day in a row. Check out was at 11am, but when 10:50am rolled around there was little to no movement. Hiking would be out of the question today, instead a trip to the community clinic would fill its place.

We booked the room for one more night, and we walked a mile through town to the clinic. Paperwork, insurance, and a waiting room later, Critter was in a room answering questions and having her vitals checked. With no history of asthma, the asthma attacks from the other day were most likely a culmination of altitude sickness, sinus pressure, and respiratory irritation. She was prescribed, lots of fluids, good rest, and a steroid pack to help her get back to normal.


Leaving the clinic, we went to the grocery store, grabbed some fruit, hydrating drinks, and some other snacks for lunch, and then we headed back to the inn. Back in the room, both of us drifted in and out of naps. In our sleepy delirium, hours passed quickly and the world outside did not slow for us. Dinner time had arrived so we gathered the strength to leave the darkness of the room to re-establish ourselves back into reality, if only for a couple of hours.


We had our eyes set on a Thai and sushi restaurant called Thai Hut, and we were determined to eat there. Naturally, we ordered too much food, but managed to eat most of it. It was delicious and most importantly fresh. New Mexico wore us out on greasy, heavy foods. We craved the simplicity of sushi, miso soup, edamame, and two Thai dishes. We had a wonderful waitress with whom we shared friendly conversations getting to know each other and the Alamosa area.

Neither of us are the most social creatures, but we are suckers for conversation and connection. Having just the simplest conversation with a stranger provides a jolt of energy into the human connection which due to our modern age is growing dim. The connections we have made even if brief or ordinary carry much importance to us and become a piece of our adventure's story. 

After dinner, we went back to the room where we resumed sleep.

Cheers to sleep, again.  

Garbelly & Critter