Heading to The Great Divide

Working in an outdoor store is a lot tougher than most might think. Not in a physical workload sense, it is not a dangerous environment and our co-workers are not terrible. In fact, the people we surround ourselves with everyday are some of the most interesting, talented and friendly people we have yet to meet. The trouble comes from spending our days inside the store outfitting people for trips we dream of doing. After awhile, even with the hospitality of a store like Cumberland Transit, cabin fever sets in and your mind begins to reel. You feel the rivers tugging at your shirt tail and the mountains whispering in your ears. When the store slows down and the customers are sparse, the air is filled with stories of past adventures and dreams of new ones.

We did not formulate this grand idea together. We both had preconceived the dream on our own and then loosely mentioned it to each other one day. After a few weeks of denial and deciding our plan would never work out, we pulled a wildcard out of our back pocket and concluded that actually it just might work, it would definitely work. We are going to hike the Continental Divide Trail in 2017... together.

So there you have it, there is our big announcement for anyone that has not heard from us both already. Even though we both are not ones to talk about our plans and lives very often, we are going to post them all over the internet. If you happen to find us here and read our stories, scroll through our pictures, and follow us on this journey, then we hope we can provide inspiration, tips, and hopefully some laughs to your own journey. If your own journey takes place in a charming outdoor store, behind a desk, or any other occupation, we hope that we could spark a desire to be outside or even a crazy plan to hike across the country. When your days at work are slow, your mind is wandering and you are having trouble staying focused, here is some direction for your trailing thoughts.