Day 98: The Basin Begins: Roads and Rattlesnakes


We were able to get out of camp just as the sun was coming up over the rolling hills. We left camp quietly to let D=rt continue sleeping, and we made our way up to a grassy bald. The trail took us up and over several of these balds before sneaking us into the trees where we were met by a war field of blow downs. We had to step over, jump over, and even climb over fallen trees almost every couple of yards. Stopping at a small creek, we filtered some water before heading on towards the road.


Once we reached the road, we were immediately greeted by a herd of pronghorns. We had a big day ahead of us so we each got into our zone and hiked. We started seeing cows again and even saw some snow tucked in between two hills. The sun was hot shining down on us. We stopped to filter water at Savory Creek where swallows zipped back and forth feeding on mosquitoes and flies. When our sweating did not cease, we figured to just keep hiking.


Throughout the day we experienced waves of shade as a storm moved in. We ate lunch by the side of the road, and unfortunately the sun was very present during our break. We continued down the road drowning ourselves in music and podcasts to pass the time. A car came flying by and Garbelly stepped off of the road on to the shoulder. Once his attention broke from the careless car and the dust settled, he was greeted by a large, green Praire Rattlesnakes coiled up at his feet. Only a couple of seconds into their interaction and the snake seemed already upset and ready to strike, not a great way to make friends. Garbelly kicked up the sole of his shoe catching the blow of the snake's strike buying him time to get back on the road.


The day continued with less excitement until the wind picked up and thus the rain started. We kept hiking a little bit until we found a flat spot away from the road, quickly set up camp, and just laid there listening to the rain pouring down soaking the rainfly of our tent. In the middle of the night, Critter woke up to pee, now that the rain had finally slowed. She jumped out of the tent, headlamp on head, and started to do her business. She looked out into the field stopping on two set of eyes staring back at her. The two locked eyes for the entirety of her time out there before scurrying back to the warmth of the tent.

Cheers to the wide open road. 

Garbelly & Critter  

PS. Today was also our official one year anniversary together. While we feel like we have know each other our entire lives, today marks the day a year ago that we admitted it to each other. Adventure pals!