Day 27: 404 to 421 (Grants)


Town Day had arrived! When we woke up, we were ready to get the seventeen miles into town out of the way. The wind was picking up and ominous thunderheads were rolling over the edges of Cibola Canyon. We were walking road but the canyon walls surrounded us extending high into the sky. Colored by an array of earth tones, strong shadows and sharp lines, the walls lead us along a winding road.


After leaving the National Forest, we were walking among a residential street. We walked Route 66 into Grants stopping at El Cafecito for lunch. Next we checked into the Travelodge, dropped our bags, started our laundry, and showered. The goal was not to move for the rest of the night so we ordered pizza and watched two episodes of the X-Files and then fell asleep. Due to weather moving in and the lack of visibility of Mt. Taylor, tomorrow would be a rest day.


Cheers to a king-sized bed and shelter from the wind. 

Garbelly & Critter