Day 21: Mt. Mangas


This morning felt surprisingly good. We had an early morning sun and got a great nights sleep. Today, we climbed up Mt. Mangas (9,642 feet). 

At the top, there was a lookout tower, but at this point, we were ready to be in town so we kept going.  


The entire day was a road walk, a gravel country road to be specific. We walked fast, and we did not say much. Town was so close, and we wanted to be there so bad. 


We got to our water for the day, a private pump that hikers are allowed to use. The pump was thirteen miles into our day, and we were so gracious for the water! Thank you to the family that allows us hikers to use the pump. We really appreciate it. We have learned how precious water is out here, and it is definitely not something we take for granted. 


After filtering three liters, we kept going without much of a break. We had seven more miles that we wanted to do for the day, but before we knew it two hours had gone by and we had arrived at our twenty miles. We were moving fast, and the combination of speed and road walking resulted in some new blisters. The sun was still high, so we trekked on for two more miles. We were surrounded by private property on either side of us, so we camped on the side of the road. We remained quiet and went to bed early. 


Not all days are romantic, but tomorrow we will eat pie.  

Garbelly & Critter