Day 44: 676 to 696


Throughout the night, we kept waking up to our tent getting beaten by the most violent and persistent wind. It was hard to stay asleep when everything that surrounded us rattled and popped abruptly smacking us out of sleep. We fought our eyes shut but our ears remained alert. Somewhere around the wee hours of the morning the wind calmed to a lighter rumbled and finally we slipped into a much needed sleep. Unfortunately, it seemed as soon as we fell asleep the sun was shinning into our tent illuminating the orange panels of our rainfly. We hurried through our morning routine to get back on trail.


Before we knew it the wet trail turned into mounds of snow which turned back into running water and marsh. We threw on our micro-spikes for the snow, but we were out of luck when it came to crossing the boggy areas. Throughout the day we walk along ridge-lines battered by high winds and beautiful views. It felt like we were on top of the world at our mere 11,000 feet.


For most of the day we were exposed to the vicious wind. It took most of our strength to stay standing. The wind pushed and we pressed back. Occasionally, the wind pulled backwards throwing us off balance in the other direction. Our faces and legs were battered by the consistent gusts. Our hands strained and cramped from our grip on our trekking poles. We stopped at another campground and lake for lunch tucking ourselves back into the trees to block the wind. That night we camped in a grouping of pines surrounded by mounds of snow but finally on dry land.


Cheers to tough days that are made better by dinner and the warmth of a sleeping bag.

 Garbelly & Critter