Day 41: Leaving Ghost Ranch + Box Canyon


Today we left the coziest king-sized bed and wonderful company to head back to trail. We are growing closer to Colorado, which means closer to snow and altitude.

Somers offered to give us a ride back to Ghost Ranch. Not only was this much more efficient than taking the bus but also much more enjoyable. We took the scenic route and enjoyed the conversations that accompanied the drive. Thank you so much, Somers. You were so good to us and made out short time in Santa Fe so comfortable and wonderful.


Once back at Ghost Ranch, we wandered to the visitors center once again so that Garbelly could pick up birthday cards that arrived in the mail. Then we were off. We followed the dirt road that ran straight through the facilities of Ghost Ranch to the Box Canyon trailhead. From there we followed a trail through beautifully colored canyons along a small stream, and then we climbed up and out.


The day led us to open fields painted with yellow flowers which met an ocean of blue sky. We saw elk grazing in the grass, and we heard song birds running through their repertoire. We filtered water at a crystal clear spring called Harris Bear Spring.


We arrived at one particular field overlooking mountains far and near and there sitting in the center row to the view was a Big Agnes tent just like our own. Out popped Glimmer and Arcade (formally known as Chris) for the tent's orange walls. We set up our tent several feet away, and we all enjoyed the dinner and sunset. Glimmer and Chris are some of our favorite people we have met on trail, and we were so excited to be able to spend time with them. Even if it was just the evening.


Cheers to the trail, getting out of town, and trail family. It is not easy getting out of town, but being back on trail reminds us why.

Garbelly & Critter