Day 20: Nearing Town + Picnic Tables


Life always has motivators. These things drive you to constantly exert energy to achieve a goal. Whether it be training hard for a big race or convincing yourself to stop watching Netflix episodes, you are driven by a desire for something to set out and accomplish. For some, fame and success drive them. For others, adrenaline and fear.  The most consistent and strongest motivators are usually food, sleep, and sex. Without a doubt, our motivator today was definitely food.



We were not out of food, but we were close. It was not due to poor planning or overeating.  It was our last day before town, and we were finishing up a one hundred and thirty mile section. We had literally stuffed our packs with as much food as we could at Doc Campbell's. Now we were going to make it to town on our last trail bar. 



We were however very worn down and very hungry. Thoughts of our home cooked meals popped into our heads. Then thoughts of cornbread, brownies, sautéed fresh vegetables, quesadillas, pizza, ice cream and ice cold root beer encompassed every thought. We were literally salivating as we walked. Somehow the talking out loud about these foods satisfied us, but it made us way more hungry at the same time. We were in a strange pickle. Pickles sounded good too (only to Garbelly). 


We had nothing but a long road walk, so we kept our heads down, our strides long, and walked as quickly as our legs could carry us.  


Tonight's camp had a picnic table, which does not sound like much but is actually pretty spectacular. We sat at that picnic table like we were the first to ever sit at such a table, in pure joy and excitement. We stretched our legs out, and after dinner, we headed to sleep. 

Cheers to food and picnic tables, and may the simple things only get sweeter. 

Garbelly & Critter  


PS. We ran into the group of section hikers again that we met yesterday, and we got an update on the fire on Kerr Peak. Apparently, we were some of the last hikers through the particular section of trail due to the spread of the fire. The hikers behind us will be redirected to an alternate route. The hikers that were let through by the forest service were close enough to see flames and smell the dense smoke. Be safe out there! Thank you to the fire crew for responding and helping keep hikers safe!