Day 35: Zero Day in Cuba


Today was not supposed to be a zero. We wanted to keep heading North since we are growing closer to Colorado. However, plans change. You have to be flexible.  

We woke up with the intention of hiking out of town, but Critter's migraine had other plans. After procrastinating as much as we could till check out time, she just could not manage to rally.  

Although frustrated, she finally admitted that she would be more productive staying the day rather than trying to push herself too much and hike out. A day of rest was helpful to both of us. We worked on the logistics for the trail ahead, responded to emails, and most importantly had a day of real rest. 


Around dinner time, we finally left the cozy, darkness of our room at the Frontier Motel, and we headed to El Bruno's with Glimmer, Chris, and Yee-Haw. We looked forward to seeing them again as well as catching up. Always amazing company, we had an wonderful night sharing stories and just relaxing over some delicious food. 

Tomorrow we head out. We feel well rested and ready to journey onward.  

Cheers to knowing when to rest, even when you want to keep going, and cheers to wonderful company.  

Garbelly & Critter