Day 34: Welcome to Cuba


Waking up on the trail, we had 5 miles that stood in between us and a warm, town breakfast. Camp was packed up quickly, and we hit the road. Unfortunately, the road walk was not out of characteristic of other, longer road walks- it seemed to take forever to reach Cuba. However, upon arriving at the Cuban Cafe, our day was over and our nero had started. As we were finishing up breakfast, Thor, Cruise, and Scrapebook showed up and order their much anticipated breakfast. 

Ready to clean our clothes, shower, and sit our packs down, once we finished at the cafe, we headed about a mile up the street to check in at the Frontier Motel. We were greeted by Rosemary, and she took amazing care of us. We were allowed to check in early, and we even got one of the last rooms available.  

A beautifully, quaint 1950's motel highlighted by a retro sign out front, we wandered into room 3 to find not just a clean room but an incredibly cozy room. This was just what we needed. Thrilled and relieved we dropped our packs. Our stay at the Frontier was beyond a treat. If you ever find yourself passing through Cuba, NM, stay a night at the Frontier, you will not be disappointed. 


For lunch, we had really exciting plans. Coming all the way up from Taos, Shawn, a part of our Cumberland Transit family in Nashville, came to spend the afternoon with us over some of the best Mexican food in New Mexico. He graciously picked us up from our room and drove us a whopping quarter of a mile to El Bruno's in the rain. 

Thunder Snow joined us at our table; there is always room at a hiker's table for more hikers. We all enjoyed delicious food and conversations that covered a range of topics.  


It was such a pleasure to see the Colorado couple again, and it was amazing to see and spend time with Shawn. After Thunder Snow continued on their way up trail, we stayed seated at the table with Shawn long after the plates were removed and our cups emptied. One of our biggest privileges is our CT family. Not only the family back in Nashville but also the family that goes on loan to other parts of the country. We stick together, care about each other's adventures, lives, and seem to always find time to get together and reconnect. There is not quite anything like it, and for this family, we are so grateful. It was such a joy spending time you, Shawn, and we cannot thank you enough! We hope we see you on the river in Colorado! 

After lunch, we were dropped back off at the Frontier, and so began our errands and chores. Garbelly ran a mile down the road to wash clothes, while Critter worked on typing and other "work". 


After our clothes were washed and our bodies cleaned, we headed back to El Bruno's for dinner and to try out New Mexico's best margarita. We were joined by Thor, Cruise, Scrapebook, and Ted while we enjoyed yet another delicious meal.  

Our time there was made even better by the friendliness of our waitress, Stephanie. She encouraged us to be safe on the trail and to enjoy every moment of this incredible experience. 

After closing down the restaurant, we headed back to our room and quickly fell asleep.  


Cheers to these wonderful towns that have so much character and welcome us in with open arms.  

Garbelly & Critter