Day 29: 421 (Grants) to 436


The day got off to a bit of a late start, like 2:00pm late. After running to Denny's for breakfast, then the post office and the public library, we were back on trail heading away from Grants. The first five miles were road, but before we knew it we had arrived at the trailhead. The most beautiful, rusty metal stile marked the beginning of the trail with the CDT logo cut out of it. 


Behind the stile stretched trail, and a well maintained trail at that! We began our climb up to the first ridge. Everything that surrounded us was breathtaking, no matter which way you looked. We had Mt. Taylor behind us to our left, an old mine on the face of a cliff behind us to our right, and beautiful trail before us. The trail took us up gradually winding us around an overlook of Grants below us and El Malpais and Cibola in the distance. 


The trail was so exciting and kept changing as it took us up on to ridges then through fields then through juniper and pine forests. Each time Mt. Taylor would come into frame as we got closer and closer. We would not see the peak for a couple of miles then all of a sudden through the trees there she was.  


We set up camp as the sun was setting, and we ate dinner as nighttime fell. A later night than we would have liked, but the closer we are to the summit the better.  


 Cheers to the climb! 

Garbelly & Critter