Day 11: Nero to Trailhead


The day started out in a bed of the Motel 6 in Silver City. With the black out shades in place and the alarms turned off, we were aiming to sleep in. However, once again, 7:45 rolled around and we were up. In no hurry to get out of bed, we probably laid there till 9:00, when we decided it would be nice to soak our feet. The bath water was turned on. The Epsom Salt was added. Then our toes were quickly dipped deep into the hot water. We sat there for 20 minutes before getting up to start packing up our packs. Check out was at 11:00am, and we were going to spend every minute we had in that room until then. From there we headed about a mile down the street to grab resupplies at Albertson's grocery. Wandering aimlessly through the isles we grabbed boxes of bars, hummus, Mac & Cheese, fruit snacks, Olive oil, and anything else that seemed appealing and packable.

As we were standing in the breakfast isle taken back by how many options of granola bars and PopTarts there were, a fellow breakfast isle shopper walked past us before turning around and asking if we were hikers. Before we knew it we were talking about all sorts of things relating to the trail, this area, the wildlife, and so much more. Friendliness and support from strangers so far had just blown us away. We both are coming from a routine where we are almost constantly surrounded by people we know. Now we are surrounded by strangers. The folks that have gone out of their way to have a conversation with us has made us feel right at home and has even sparked some energy into us! So THANK YOU for stopping us and asking us questions or giving us advice or just sharing a couple of moments with us. We really cherish it.


After the grocery store, it was time to get lunch, and for lunch, we wanted pizza. We had pizza before we started the trail, and we have craved it every day since. Unfortunately, third times a charm we thought in our search for pizza. When we walked up to the door of the pizza joint a big closed sign sat there in our faces. Since we have started it has not been in our stars to have pizza. We have tried three times, and we have failed three times. We ended up walking across the street to a market that was part of the Silver City Food Co-op. While we enjoyed our vegan 'Bionic Burgers' outside on their patio, a man played a solo blues set just loud enough for us to not have to say anything but quiet enough that it was incredibly calming.


It was around 3:00pm, and we decided that we were ready to start walking again. So we organized our packs, filled up on water, and started the 7 mile road walk back into the Gila National Forest. We got to the trailhead where the Gila Alternate Route splits from the Black Mountain Range Route, and we camped there for the night. A giant bag of Annie's Mac and Cheese was on the menu for dinner. Sleep did not come every long afterwards.



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