Day 122: Mack's Inn & Island Park


We woke up in Idaho, an exciting accomplishment, indeed. However, our first night took place on the side of a residential road tucked out of sight into trees. We woke up early, packed up quickly, and marched with ease into town. Once arriving at the small town of Mack's Inn, we could smell the laundromat before we saw its timber frame walls. Peering into the dirty windows, we saw Scavenger who waved back at us.

We stepped inside to find both Scavenger and Winter just finishing up their laundry. We joined them, throwing our clothes in the wash and sitting down to eat some snacks for breakfast. After finishing up our laundry, we repacked our packs and put on our fresh clothes. Our next goal was food, more food. We walked to the main highway and crossed over the Henry Fork of the Snake River, apparently an amazing fishing spot. This river pours out of the mountains at a place called Big Spring, pumping out over 120 gallons of water per day. Next to the river sat a Mexican restaurant. Here we ate way more than we should have and left feeling slightly miserable and satisfied.

With full bellies, we headed towards Island Park to find a place to stay the night. Sawtelle Resort and RV Park was recommended to us by other hikers, and after checking it out for ourselves it really was a great deal. Twenty dollars bought us a camp spot, two towels, unlimited showers and pool access! It was truly a hiker heaven.

We picked out a campsite and then perched up for the rest of the afternoon. A heavy rain started to fall as a storm moved through and we watched from the comfort of the porch. Thunder boomed throughout the sky and eroded dirt covered the roads. We both acknowledged how happy we were to be in shelter and not on top of a ridge at that moment.

For dinner, we walked back across the street to the Chinese restaurant, and along the way, we met some more Southbound hikers and a film crew shooting a documentary of a group of hikers on the trail. We drooled over some of their equipment and probably dreamt about the possibilities of camera gear that night. The Chinese food was extremely good, which surprised us in a town that small. We headed back to our tent and fell asleep to the sound of a neighbors campfire and a distant owl.



Garbelly & Critter


Large crew of SOBOs from the 3mph film group