Many have asked how they can help us out along the trail.

You can help us out is by buying us a burger (Veggie Burger for M.E.) while we are on trail. 

A way to show us support and help us out is to pledge to our blog via Patreon; if you pledge one dollar, for example, each time that we post a blog a dollar will go to us. This dollar will then go to helping us out along the way in addition to allowing us to continue writing. Once we have a good group of Patreons, we will post exclusive blog posts and videos.

You can support us by simply reaching out to us. Nothing is more inspirational than hearing from our friends, family, and supporters. Send us kind words or let us know if we have inspired you in some way. 

We cannot thank you enough for all the support we have received so far and continue to receive. We are able to hike because of you. 

Ethan & M.E.