Day 77: Leaving Breckenridge


No light crept into our room leaving us in darkness well into the morning. We started packing up our packs trying to be as quiet as we could to not wake everyone up. Cindy and Neil had crawled out of their window to run and grab coffee, while the rest of the house remained silent and still. Slowly everyone started to wake and the house came to life.


After check out, we parted ways temporarily with Arcade, Glimmer, Thor and Scrapbook and we all headed to breakfast once again at the Columbine Cafe. Although our time was well spent in town with Critter's mom and her partner Neil, it sure did not feel like enough time.


Everyone, including us six hikers and packs, loaded up in the Yukon XL and headed to the trailhead. Seeing family on trail was the best thing, but saying goodbye was so hard. Thor and Scrapbook headed up trail, and Arcade and Glimmer got a ride up to where they were getting back on trail to head South. We hiked up trail but did not get very far. It was just so hard to say goodbye and to go from being among family to alone again on trail. Sometimes action overwhelms ambition, but being around family allowed us to reconnect with ourselves and why we are hiking. 


They reminded us why we are out here and reinforced how much support and love we have back home. 


Garbelly & Critter