Day 92: Leaving Steamboat Springs (1275-1293)


It only took two hitches to get back on trail with the first ride coming from Joe, our Steamboat Trail Angel. The second from a young man from North Carolina who had woken up a couple hours earlier. Once on trail, we were both struggling with motivation to make miles. As we passed through campgrounds and trailheads, we did not aim to move very quickly. Our only goal was to keep moving even if it was at our snail pace.


We came to a beautiful lake but decided to take lunch at Lost Lake, a little bit off trail. There, Garbelly threw the Tenkara, and Critter rested her head on her pack falling into a heavy nap. A very large rainbow passed by but fled quickly as the wind blew in large choppy waves. Time went by so quickly and before we knew it we had been there for almost two hours. We packed up and headed back to trail.

We continued on climbing up to a field where we could see Rabbit Ears Pass in the distance. Soon we made it to the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness boundary. As a storm moved in, we set up camp in the driest and furthest away from beetle killed trees. While we were falling asleep the rain picked up followed by gentle thunder.


Garbelly & Critter