Day 90-91: Into Steamboat Springs & Zero Day (1260-1275)


We woke up to a soaking wet tent from the storm over night. The mosquitoes were beginning to buzz again but the sun was starting to peak in between the trees. We packed up and began our bushwhack back to one of the roads. The first way we went on the road led us to private property so we backtracked in the other direction. This did not make us the happiest campers but we did not want to trespass. Finally, with the highway in sight we followed the dirt road. To both of our relief, we reached Highway 14 by mid-morning. We stuck out our thumbs to the passing cars and truck. Nothing. We tried several more times but only received waves or shrugs from the drivers. Our last option was to begin walking. We had not made it a couple of yards down the highway when a car heading in the opposite direction slowed and asked if we needed a ride. Quickly, we found out that she had passed us, found a spot down the highway to turn around, and she was headed into Steamboat Springs. We jumped in. Lucy was from North Carolina and has a bunch of family in Nashville. We found out how much in common we had with her and even we're stoked to hear that she and her boyfriend just quit their jobs at a Dude Ranch to explore life. We could relate, and we could not help but congratulate and support their new adventure! It is not easy doing what she is starting out to do but it is so incredibly rewarding. We quickly became friends and built a very special trust among each other regardless of the short interaction.

 She dropped us off in Steamboat right outside Ski Haus, a local gear shop. We wandered in to pick up some canister fuel and bug spray before heading into downtown to grab some lunch at a sushi restaurant. Then we grabbed some ice cream before heading to the Airbnb we had booked for the night. A huge shoutout to the amazing Lisa Seckman for her gift of a night at an Airbnb. Thank you so much!


The rest of the evening we pretty much just lounged around the apartment, leaving only to meet our good friend, David Perry, from Nashville and his family at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It is funny and amazing how timing works out so perfectly. We also ran into Charlie and Hannah! Back at the apartment we ordered pizza and watched The Goonies.


The next morning we had breakfast at Winona's before running to the Post Office and the grocery store. Charlie and Hannah mentioned that they were going to go see Wonder Woman, and we quickly decided that seeing a movie would be a perfect way to spend the day. We met them at the movie theater, ordered a big bag of popcorn, and made ourselves comfortable in our seats. After the movie, we all headed over to City Market to resupply. While we were aimlessly walking around the store, a man came up to us and before we knew it he invited us to his house for dinner, a place to shower, do laundry, and a place to stay the night. We loaded up in his car, and he drove to pick up four dogs, which Critter happily sat in the back seat with all of them. We ran down a trail to check out Fish Creek Falls before heading to his house.


He made spaghetti with zucchini noodles and veggies for dinner. We talked about our hike and he shared stories and pictures of his hike on the John Muir Trail.

We slept really well, and we even got to sleep in an extra thirty minutes!

Always Remember--Goonies Never Say Die!

Garbelly & Critter