Day 70: Zero in Leadville


How could we not stay another day in Leadville?! Dave invited us to hike with him up to the 10th Mountain Division Hut ( below Homestake Peak and then on to Slide Lake. Jess even let us borrow her car. All four of us knew we could not turn it down, nor did we want to! We grabbed some water and a couple snacks and hopped into the car and followed Dave in his work truck up to Tennessee Pass. We hiked three miles to the hut and hung out on the porch while Dave, Mikey, and Connor grabbed the linens and checked the condition of the hut. We all then headed up to Slide Lake. Dave told us a story of the 10th training here back before World War II. Climbing and skiing up Homestake peak, they learned their way around the mountains in harsh conditions. We could not get over how beautiful it was, but more importantly how peaceful it was. 


The dogs, Scout and Lucy, played in the water as we sat on the grass staring out at the mountains that surrounded us and the partially frozen alpine water. After a while, we began our hike back to the cars. Next, we decided to run into Twin Lakes to pick up our resupply package. We gave Lux, a CDT thru-hiker, a ride to the trailhead, as we headed back up to Leadville. A small brush fire on the side of the two lane highway stopped us for a bit but finally we were moving again at a normal speed. Although we were so thankful to have access to a car, it is funny how quickly we got tired of the hassle and traffic that comes with driving. No wonder we decided to walk across the country. Back in town we grabbed some pizza at High Mountain Pizza before turning in for the day.


Happy Summer Solstice!


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