Day 62: 866 to 889


The sun, determined to wake us up, shined in our tent much earlier than we were used to causing Garbelly to wake up in a frenzy thinking we had slept in. It was still only 6:28 AM, the normal time, but this morning we would have sunshine to oil our gears and put the skip in our step. The trail continued through the valley among pine forest and their needle blanketed floors. A lone wolf caught our eye before disappearing into the trees, and in the distance a highway appeared in its place.


We ran into a couple heading up trail to check on river conditions and spoke a little with them about the upcoming conditions of the trail. They basically told us the next section would be impassable, but most locals do not know what we are capable of hiking. Crossing over the highway, we met back up with a dirt road that began our climb up to a ridgeline. From there we could see the snowcapped mountains all around us and even San Luis Peak among them. We rounded the top of one of our climbs for the day where we saw two young Pronghorns stir up and run across trail. Over the course of the day, we climbed a lot, 5,000 feet to be exact. However, we had tree cover and really nice, snowless trail the entire way, so it was really enjoyable. The day even produced forty mile an hour winds but the trees blocked most to all of the gusts.


We passed by so many signs pointing to other trails that split off and merged with our own trail, something we love about Colorado. There are a lifetime of trails in this state. Towards the end of our day we passed by the Baldie Lake Trailhead, and with energy still left we marched on. At 6:30pm, we passed an impassable camp spot and satisfied with our day stopped to set up camp. That night the forest came to life with sounds as the full moon leaked through our tent. 


Garbelly & Critter  


Critter enjoying her blend of fruit and cereal.