Day 61: 840 to 866


With the snow seemingly behind us, at least for a bit, we knew we could get big miles in today. Most of the day was down hill through a valley, which just made it even more likely. As we left camp that morning, we kept our eyes to the trail. By noon we reached Cochetopa Creek which was high and powerful. We walked a couple hundred feet upstream before deciding to just go for it. We took our socks off and the insoles out of our shoes before putting our shoes back on. Garbelly went first but as he reached the other side the water grew faster and came up to his chest. He made it across but had to swim at times. Critter would need to cross somewhere else. Critter made it safely to the other side but there was no doubt that it was a sketchy crossing. Once on the bank, it was the perfect time to stop for lunch and to let everything dry out.


After lunch we got in sixteen more miles out of the valley and into large systems of fields. The walking was beautiful even though half of it was road walking. In the distance we saw a few Pronghorns grazing and nesting.


We were finishing up our miles as the sun started to set. Exhausted and tired of the wind, we tucked back into a valley among the wrinkles of mountains. We set up our tent, ate dinner, and then crawled into the warmth of our sleeping bags and out of the the bone chilling wind.  


Garbelly and Critter